Information platform for Technology and Knowhow transfer for sustainable management of fish farms in China (Step-by-Step-AquaCultureInnovation)

      Project aims

      • Optimization of aquaculture management
      • Introduction of advanced methods for waste recycling
      • Integration of waste/water management
      • Saving costs and increasing quality of products


      The current operational state about production, resources- and residual materials-management on the existing aquaculture farms will be investigated and evaluated (economically and ecologically).

      On the base of an assessment, solutions targeted on increasing production efficiency on existing farms will be analyzed and proposed.

      At the same time, a series of methods for management of production and waste processing (waste water, solid waste) under consideration of resource usage will be developed.

      The measures for a sustainable development of existing farms, including the efficient management of water resources and residual materials, will be designed.


      Workshops on tools and case studies about sustainable aquaculture (resource management, residual materials treatment) will be carried out in October 2015 and supported by the owners of partner farms.

      More detailed information about date, place and agenda for workshops will be sent afterwards.

      Our partners
      • Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG
      • Vita 34 AG /
        Biotech Branch BioPlanta
      • Hubei Research Institute of Environmental Science (HERI)
      • Ezhoushi Liangzidao Water Specialty Industry and Trade Co., LTD
      • Ezhoushi Liangzihu Big River Crab Aquatic Products Co., LTD (Chu Fish Aroma)

      The project is co-financed by the German BMZ (Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation). Project executing organization is transacted by Sequa gGmbH, a non-commercial enterprise linking activities of private economy and development cooperation.